Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Sweet Message From Guyana

I received this wonderful email from Trevor LeBaron (pictured above) last week. He gave me permission to share it.

Sister Robison,

I wanted to let you know I had the opportunity to read some of your
newer posts on the mission blog. One in particular stood out to me that
I'd like to comment on and take the time to thank you for such a
special thought. That post I'm speaking of is, 'For such a time as
this.' During my mission I served two transfers in Chaguanas before
being moved to Antigua where I also spent two transfers. For the
remaining eighteen months of my mission I served in Guyana. The people
of Trinidad and Antigua are very special to me, but because of the
time I spent in Guyana and my many great experiences there, Guyanese
are slightly nearer to my heart. While in Guyana I served in Kitty,
Rosignol, Eccles, Bush Lot, and a more brief 3 weeks in Albouystown.
Needless to say I got around while there. And I LOVED IT! As I got
around, I got to know and come close to each member of the Branches I
served. But because of the length of my stay, I also came close to
members in other branches I didn't serve. That includes members in
Georgetown Branches and Canje Branches. I love keeping in contact with
many of the people I taught and baptized but also those "long-time"
members. The point I'm getting to is this: There are young brethren
that my companions and I taught and baptized that are amongst those
serving missions and preparing to now. That's very special and
incredible to me. I also want to mention a few other things. Most of
these young men serving and preparing I may not have taught and
baptized but I got to know them personally throughout the eighteen
months I spent there. I came very close to them whether or not I
served in their branch. These are mighty young men and it's so
humbling to know that they have came to a dead stop in their lives to
take time to serve the Lord as His soldiers! I love the people of
Guyana and the impact those future WIRM's will bring to the
members(and non-members) is amazing. I know it will be a great impact
for the missionary work in that country as well. The future is truly
bright there. I read that post aloud to Angie and as we pondered it
together there was an amazing Spirit that filled our living room.
Thanks again for sharing it. You have no idea the impact that thought
has on me since I consider these wonderful people more than just
friends and acquaintances, but family I hold very close. I was blessed
to spend a year and a half with them and I'm so grateful for the
things I learned from them as i taught them. I hope all is well with
you and President. Tell him I say hello. I still keep you both in my
prayers. Also, I'm happy to hear of your new calling. It sounds like a
fun one. Take Care Sister!

With love,

Elder LeBaron

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