Monday, October 5, 2009

WIRM Gatherings

Provo is a great place to live. We get to see 'our boys' all the time around town and on BYU campus where President Robison is now working.

So - we decided to have a pot luck gathering about once a month and, of course, mission reunions every six months (we just love to see those WIRMs!).

We gathered on September 20th for a pot luck and on October 2nd for our reunion.

Our first WIRM pot luck:

Don't they look great in their white shirts and ties (even on a Sunday night)

Plenty of food, good friends - what more do we need?

Schaat, Hyde, Williamson and Hamilton

On the deck with JJ (grandson) and Dutch WIRMs Tholen and Jestice

Just look at these darling WIRM wives

Sisters Oaks, Brewer and Schaat

Our 'lost boys' are back - these two went to the Puerto Rico East Mission when our mission was divided

Hess and Love

There's something very special about mission friendships

Williamson and Hyde

Sisters Hatton and McGhie

Elder McGhie and President Robison

Clark, Fox and Young

Procter and Parrish

Howell (and friend), Barker and England

Willis and Hamilton

Les Francais

Garrett, McIntosh and McKibbin

McKibbin and Beck

The Dutch

Sorber, Tholen and Jestice

Thomas, Robinson and Beck

And the new married couples!

The Schaats

The Oaks

The Gibbys

The Marshes

The Brewers

The Hendersons

The Jacobsens

Our first WIRM reunion:

We met on BYU campus - not a great idea just before a football game. Traffic was crazy! But WIRMs know how to persist so they made it - eventually. We had about 100 returned couples and elders. It was wonderful!

The newest WIRMs!

Sturdevant, Moala, Marshall, Green and Hamilton

Bryan Green was able to tell all about his adventures in Guyana. He was there when the missionaries spent a day in the police station.

Mostly we ate and visited, but President Robison took a few minutes to share some thoughts

He invited a few special WIRMs to stand

Newly engaged

Hurrah for Matt Brown!


Burtons, Gibbys and Brewers

Jeters, Smiths and Tycksens

And WIRM babies!

The Bates family

Some had quite a drive to get there, but it was worth it

The Woods, from Calgary and Brett Hamilton

The Owens from Arizona

The Larsons from Toole and the Larsons from Parowan - both couples (brothers) served in Guyana

The Stauffers from St George

The Dunns came down from Pocatello and the Farrers had a quick drive from Springville - I don't know how they managed to escape my camera.

We hadn't seen some of these wonderful couples since the mission field

And the young WIRMs - what can I say? They are great!






Howell and friend

Lasker and Pack

Averett and Owens

Garrett and McIntosh

The Tycksens

The Brewers (with a baby girl on the way!)

What can I say to close?

It was a sweet experience to gather with such dear friends, but I couldn't help thinking about my brothers and sisters who live in the West Indies.

I miss them!

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