Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Guyana Situation

was sad to hear that there are problems with missionary visas in Guyana. That was an ongoing challenge during our three years of service but we always keep things technically correct according to legal counsel - even though many of the visas were in process for long periods of time. The same thing is true right now. It is a firm policy of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to support the laws of any land they are privileged to enter.

I'm sure the missionaries are fine and making the best of their challenges.

I'm no longer in the mission so I don't have any 'inside' information about this situation. However, I am keeping a close watch on the news feeds so I thought I would share some of the latest I've come across. I'll continue to keep this blog post updated.

Thursday Sept 3


Deseret News

Fox News
It's funny because the picture is of missionaries in French Guiana, not Guyana

I need to correct this statement: "About 100 of them [missionaries] are now in Guyana, many of them deep in the country's interior where the government has little presence." There are about 60 missionaries in Guyana and none of them are 'deep' in the interior. There is a humanitarian senior couple who has traveled to the interior as part of their service work but they live in Georgetown.

Stabroek News - Local Guyana Newspaper

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