Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sister Robison's New Blog


I got kind of attached to regular blogging during my mission. I plan to add things occasionally to this blog - and will continue the country by country information. But every day I have ideas that I want to share that aren't really suited to a mission blog.

So - I just created a new blog called 'Journeyings'. It's about living happy - spirtually, physically, intellectually and socially.

I would love to continue my online 'friendships'. I know that nothing will ever be as sweet and exciting as sharing images of missionary sons at work - but I think this will be fun.

Here's a story. Yesterday my husband and I were running errands and a women came up to us and said, "Hi, I recognized you from the blog" and we had a nice chat. Fun, eh? I felt like a 'blogger celeb' (not really). But I loved connecting with a friend I had never seen before.

I actually used to blog a bit before my mission. I created Granny Tech - for women of a 'certain age' trying to get into computers and technology as well as Granny Macs - for a friend who got her first mac computer. But I didn't do much with those blogs during the mission. Granny tech did become a venue for answering senior missionary's tech questions - but it wasn't very organized.

So now I'm going to create a new version of Granny Tech and start the new Journeyings blog. We'll see what happens!

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