Thursday, June 25, 2009

Parker and Meghan to Wed in Aug

It seems as if Parker was searching for a backdrop that reminded him of houses in the Caribbean.

Note, the Sunday best attire for Parker in the bottom photo. Make Sunday your favorite day!

Introducing the class of 2009

Here are the latest group of WIRMs (West Indies Returned Missionaries)

(Left to right, back row: Elders Fillerup, McDaniel, Temarono, Clark, and Shakespear. Front row: Elders Ritchey, Jones, Sorber, Parrish, and Fisher. Not pictured: Elder Falutau)

Oh wait....we're going home too!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Trevor LeBaron Prepares to Tie The Knot With Angie

Trevor had Angie go on a unique scavenger hunt on a early morning hike over-looking Ogden in order to pop the question.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kade Richardson finds Stefanie

From WIRMs

From WIRMs

You can tell things are getting serious when Kade brings along his niece to inspect or chaparone.

Elder Catherine's Cartoon of the Lost Elders on Mount Pele

From WIRMs

Ou Sont Tyson et Thomas? They are found!

From WIRMs

Remember those two lost elders on Mount Pele in Martinique? They were lost from Monday to Thursday and captured the hearts and prayers of the world-wide Church, the Saints in Martinique, and the missionaries of the West Indies. Well, they both have completed their missions. Tyson Gray is living in Utah now and Thomas Swain is living in New Zealand. They managed to get together last week in Utah, during Thomas Swain's trip around the world that will take him to the States, St. Vincent, and France.

Memories from the French Side

From WIRMs

Trying out for the U of U Cheerleader Squad?

From WIRMs

Elders Gray, Procter, Garrett, Tycksen, Williams, Lines, Bezzant, Beck, Hansen, and Swain

Jon Heslop is engaged to Jamie Erickson

From WIRMs