Monday, May 25, 2009

French Cattle Drive

Real men brand cattle. Here they are from the French side visiting Elder Hansen: From left to right are JJ Williams, Brycen Beck, Lundy McKibbon, Tyson Gray, Tom Swain and Landon Hansen.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spencer Shidler and Camille are engaged!

Elder Yves Verwey Visits the Booms

Happily married Ruben and Millie Boom recently were counselors at Youth Conference in Holland and then last night were able to teach investigators with Elder Verwey from Suriname.

Andrew and Alyson Croft Wedding

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ross Webb & Briony to Wed August 15th

Burke Sets Pace With New Trend

Recently returned missionary Burke Williamson had a typical shocking readjustment to the real world. When it came time to say goodbye at the end of a first date, he was frustrated. He could not kiss the girl. He could not shake her hand. So using split-second thinking, he high-fived her. Yes, he really did. Spencer Shidler and his date sat in the truck watching this all unfold. By the next day, Burke was known as the "high-five" kid.

Pictured with his date Mandi, Burke demonstrates what he did that first night when it came time to say goodbye.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The May 13th Transfer Group Included 4 new returned missionaries

Elders Jackson, Catherine, and Tycksen climbed a tree yesterday in the backyard of the missionhome to give a creative West Indies Mission goodby. (Elder Pahio was unable to attend the farewell devotional)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Elder Nethercott has been married since April 10th

Here is the wedding photo of Britany and Aaron Nethercott. She was dazzled by that powerful tenor voice of his. See what good counsel it was for him to join the choir at BYU Idaho?

We are in Linden? Already?

When did Linden open? Actually, it has only been open two transfers. We do not have a branch there, but we have 62 members and last Sunday we had 70 at Church. When we have five Mel Priesthood men, we will apply to have a branch. This past transfer, we had Elder Powers (a new elder), Elder Harris, Elder Tupou and Elder Fillerup serving there with Elder and Sister Leishman. Today being transfer day, sees Elders Sorber, Jestice, and McDaniel going to join the Leishmans, and Elders Powers, Harris and Fillerup.

The people of Linden are ready for the gospel.

New Look-Alikes Arrive In the Mission

Here's something that is kind of fun:

We think there are a few interesting 'look-a-likes' in this new group

Elder Jones and Elder Scott (both have the same dad/trainer - Elder McNeal by the way)

Elder Lish and Elder Hoosen (both French speakers)

This final pair is what got this thinking started - everyone that sees Elders Linton thinks Elder Heslop is back!

What Makes Elder Hyde Smile?

Answer: Melissa makes David Hyde Smile. None of the West Indies Missionaries could. (Just Kidding)

Monday, May 11, 2009

French RM's Stick Together

This weekend Haedrien Garotta, Pitchu Doumbia and David Busson hung out in France. Rumor has it David is getting close to announcing an engagement. (On the other side of the pond, David Hyde has taken the girl home to meet the parents. Sounds serious.)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

David Hooson to Wed

Gemma Parnell-Smith and David Hooson will be married civilly in the Hyde Park chapel in
London on 29 December this year before being sealed in the London Temple later that day.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Older News But Still Fun from Elder Webb

Ross Webb and Briony have chosen August 15th for their wedding date in the London Temple.

Elder Nielsen Has Big News

On March 28th, Chance Nielsen and Karissa Lott became engaged. They will likely marry on July 17 or 18 in the Ogden Temple.

Elder Ray Popped the Question

Abrahm Ray is now engaged to Sadie Hafer and they will be getting married on the 23rd of May. They got engaged the 27th of December and do enjoy the same interests as you can tell from the photos.

Elder Burton Proposed in the BYU Bell Tower

Yes, Tina is from Stephan Burton's math class. They will be married the first week in June in the Wasington D. C. Temple.

Elder Heslop Proposed on Feb. 22nd

We are anxious to hear the wedding date of Jonathan Heslop and Jamie Erickson. (A friend of Jamie's is close friends to Elder Brian Green - small world.)

Elder Bishop Is Engaged!

Aaron Bishop and Tanya Mills will soon be kneeling at the alter in the Reno Temple in September.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Elder Crouet Gets Engaged!

Her name is DANA ROTTERMANN and Pierre and Danna will get married on October 24th in the Temple in Switzerland

Elder Gibby Gets Married Today!

Her name was Ashley Vincent. She is from Texas and is an extraordinary singer according to Colton Fox, who was there. Lucky Devon Gibby. We will have Sister Gibby sing at reunions.