Sunday, April 19, 2009

Georgetown Guyana Prepares for Stakehood

The new district Presidency as pictured here is: District President Collin Goodluck (second from left); First counselor President Sanjay Pooran, far left; and Second Counselor President Dellon Murray, second from right. The executive secretary is Brother Cardin MacKenzie, pictured on the far right. All four men are returned missionaries! (Three served in the West Indies, and President Murray served in Jamaica.)

This past Thursday evening, the branch presidents and district presidency of the Georgetown, Guyana District gathered for training. What an exciting group of leaders they were. They have worked hard to prepare for a stake and it is very likely one will be created later this year. All of the qualifications to become a stake have been met. They have enough members, they have enough worthy Priesthood Holders, they have enough attendance at Church and they have a complete district organization. Now they need to be consistent. They need to continue growing and maturing at their present rate and they will have a stake.

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