Saturday, September 6, 2008

Remember Liat?

Liat has many, many nicknames. One of them is "Leave in any time." Are their planes well-looked after.

The title of this shot might well be: "Hurrah for Israel! We landed!"

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Farewell - September 4th Group

This morning we bid farewell to the last of three installments in the September 3rd Transfer group of departing elders. First, we said our goodbyes to Elder Dumouchel in Sint Maarten. He had to go home early to enroll in school mid-August. Second, we hosted Elders Kaspers and Robinson on August 18th in Trinidad. They too had to rush home for school. Lastly, we hosted Elders Snider, Walker, Lucero and Davis. They actually had quite fun trying to be unique about their departing photo. It seems as though the July 23rd group made quite an impression with their posing as if for a men's fashion magazine. Their contribution was a "staged" reenactment of a district meeting led by Elder Snider. True to form, Elder Davis was the "enforcer," as the group remembered what he was like 2 years ago in the MTC.

This band of brothers was in the mission for every major milestone accomplished since the barrier of 100 baptisms was first broken during the White Christmas of December 2006. Each time a group leaves, the mission is once again reminded of what an impact such powerful men have had upon the West Indies. September 4th is such a minder as has been each group who returned home.

Do Missionaries Remember?

As I said goodbye at the crack of dawn to the June transfer group, the white van pulled over to the side of the road a few doors down from the house and each elder yelled out the window with one arm raised high in the air "Hurrah for Israel."

This morning at 5:30 a.m. I said goodbye to yet another group of new return missionaries. This time it was in three installments due to the start of school. First we had a farewell dinner and discussion with Elder Dumouchel in St. Maarten, then we hosted Elders Robinson and Kaspers mid-August in the mission home. All three elders had to get back in school. The final installment of goodbyes included Elders Snider, Lucero, Davis and Walker. It was painful to see them go as it is each time a group leaves. But the payday came as I walked back in the mission home and found a thank you note from the group with the words "it would not have done for me to not have been here."

Do they remember? Yes!