Thursday, November 15, 2007

Newest West Indies Return Missionaries - November 2007 Group

Today Elders Howell, Schaat, and Torres joined the ranks of West Indies Returned Missionaries. Elder Caldwell was also in this group and traveled to his home on Monday of this week. (You might not notice, but Elder Torres is 40 lbs lighter than when he arrived. His suit did not fit.) Elders Howell and Torres fly into Salt Lake City to greet their families whereas Elder Schaat returns to Portland, Oregon. Elder Schaat was looking forward to a deep dish pizza in Chicago when he changed planes.

October Departing Elders

Because the mission split in July, many of our October elders were serving in the other mission. Only two Elders returned to their homes in October, 2007. Their suits still fit. They did manage a golf game against the some of the senior missionaries on their last preparation day. They lost by two strokes and have demanded a rematch in Idaho in 2008.